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What Now. . . A Store? What Fun!

For a number of years I had a brick and morter store in Key West called Touched by the Sun that catered to cruiseship passengers. I loved selecting the inventory I thought my customers would love. The selection constantly changed. Deciding to create an online store brought back that excitement again. I look forward to shopping for unusual and creative merchandise. I expect the store to grow and change with your suggestions of what you'd buy If I carried it. What are your passions? What are your hobbies? Are you into healthy food, cosmetics or vitamins? Do you enjoy camping or gardening? Do you have children or grandchildren with special talents? Send me an email and let me know. Leave feedback and comments if you think I deserve it.  Sign up for an account if you want to hear about sales and promotions. Thanks for coming by!

My Reason to Open a Store

Sonni Quick

Resident work-a-holic

Some of you follow me at other internet sites - listening to my piano Improv compositions or watching my music videos at YouTube or This music is the soundtrack for a book I'm writing, "Inside The Forbidden Outside" about the life of Jamie Cummings who is still incarcerated. Some of you read sample chapters found at This is the reason for opening this store - to raise the money to finish and publish a quality book. I hope to raise awareness of the conditions, physically and mentally, that people have to live in through their incarceration, often unjustly because it brings the prison corporations high profit. I can't do this unless I am able to earn more money. Hopefully, I will build a store, a little at a time that you will enjoy shopping in!  Welcome!